Different types of documentaries shot in the area of sports and environmental/travel.


Role: Videographer / Editor

Location: Austria

Date: 2021 - 2022


Short experimental documentary-style video about the Austrian Alps


Role: Producer / Director / Videographer

Location: Germany / Austria / Switzerland

Date: 2017-2018

Award Winning Documentary about the cycle of life and death by juxtaposing images of the diversity of the Alps regardless of whether the German, Austrian or Swiss Alps.


Official Selections

2019 Maine Student Film Festival, Maine (ME)

2019 Premio Leggimontagna, Cortomontagna (Italy)

2019 Jung & Abgedreht, Hanau (Germany)

2018 Milano Montagna Festival, Milan (Italy)

2018 Environmental Film Showcase Patagonie Atlanta, Atlanta (GA)

2018 Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival: Emerging Filmmaker, Savannah (GA)

Hand to hand

Role: Videographer

Location: New Orleans, USA

Date: 2017-2018

A documentary about the fliptastic sport that is acrobatic gymnastics. It focuses on two disciplines in acro, women's and men's pair.

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Life in balance

Role: Videographer

Location: Savannah, USA

Date: 2016

A short documentary about uprising gymnast, Ona Loper.

reach for it

Role: Videographer

Location: Tennesse, USA

Date: 2016 

Short documentary about the rock climbing community in Rock Town, Tennessee